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Freeform is an American movie and TV show streaming service that allows you to watch movies and TV shows shown on the Freeform TV channel right on your device. You can go to to see for yourself. Freeform is originally an American TV channel but they’ve extended their service to the online service where they have a website from which you can stream shows, movies, documentaries airing live on the TV channel right on your device. They also have the App for various platforms available for Android devices and Apple devices.

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The Apps are free but the platform is supported through ads. Freeform is also available on Amazon Fire TV Stick. So, it’s all dependent on which platform you wish to watch from. This article is a review of the video streaming website as well as a how-to guide for you to navigate watching and downloading free movies from the site. So, let’s get to it, shall we?

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How do you watch and download free movies from the site?
Freeform is originally a TV channel that extended their service to online streaming. It was formerly called ABC Family. You can go to their website now at to sign up and start watching. Note though that you can only see/gain access to Freeform original series, movies and TV shows on the platform. This means that not all movies that you are looking for will be found on Freeform. You can also watch the Freeform TV channel live on your device just by signing in and clicking “watch”. The Freeform channel has a wide range of movies for you to choose from. According to the Freeform FAQs section, you need to sign in with a TV provider in order to watch preselected Freeform programs in the U.S. and your mobile device/ tablet/ desktop must be supported by the Freeform platform.
 In order to be able to download or stream from Freeform, they advise that you should have a high speed internet connection, your device should have Adobe Flash Player of 10.2 and above, you can go to the FAQ section of their website to know more.
In order to watch or stream from Freeform, you need to sign in to the site with your TV provider/ cable service. This might make it hard for other people from other geographic locations apart from the US find it hard to stream. Freeform is completely free since it is brought to consumers by TV providers. Another thing to note is that Freeform is only available to those in the U.S and its territories. You should know this first-hand.

So, go to their website now at,

– Click on any series, shows or movie that interests you and sign in with your TV provider and watch.
– If you don’t have an account with them, you can sign up with your TV provider.
On Freeform’s website, they have the “New Movies” section, the New Episodes section, the Shows section that is arranged from A to Z alphabetically, they also have the Trending, Watch Live TV, Unlocked Shows, Featured sections on their website. All these are available for you to watch. Their website is easy to navigate, their service is free but the only downside is you have to be in the US to have access and you need to have a TV provider subscription to use the service.
In conclusion, is a reliable online streaming service that is fantastic for entertainment and relaxation. Go to the website or download their App to gain access to the awesome contents they have. We believe that this guide has helped you with figuring out how to go about downloading movies and shows from

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